Learning to Teach in Higher Education

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The classic text has a simple message: to become a good teacher, first you must understand your students' experiences of learning. Out of this grow a set of principles for effective teaching in higher education. This fully revised and updated new edition reflects a changed higher education environment, addressing issues of quality, standards and professional development in today's universities. The book includes new research findings and suggestions for further reading, while case studies of exemplary teaching connect ideas to practice.


Part 1. Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 1. Introduction 2. Ways of Understanding Teaching 3. What Students Learn 4. Approaches to Learning 5. Learning from the Student's Perspective 6. The Nature of Good Teaching in Higher Education 7. Theories of Teaching in Higher Education Part 2. Design for Learning 8. The Goals and the Structure of a Course 9. Teaching Strategies for Effective Learning 10 Assessing for Understanding Part 3. Evaluating and Improving Quality 11. Evaluating the Quality of Higher Education 12. What Does it Take to Improve University Teaching?
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