Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution

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Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution profiles the influential persons, crucial events and turning points, significant institutions and organizations, and the economic, social, and intellectual factors involved in the revolution. An introductory essay, chronology, and comprehensive bibliography complement the more than 400 dictionary entries, making this a great resource for students and history enthusiasts alike.


1 Editor's Foreword 2 Acknowledgments 3 Chronology 4 Introduction 5 The Dictionary 6 Bibliography 7 About the Author


Paul R. Hanson is Professor of History at Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana. He has written extensively on the history of the French Revolution and is author ofThe Jacobin Republic under Fire: The Federalist Revolt in the French Revolution.


Recommended. Academic libraries. CHOICE In this useful reference for a general or student readership, Hanson...not only identifies people and institutions important to the French Revolution, he also explicates concepts and events. Hanson provides an introduction discussing the origins and legacy of the Revolution, a chronology, and an extensive bibliography to supplement the dictionary entries. The entries are cross-referenced. Reference and Research Book News accessible and information-packed guide to that momentous upheaval dividing the early modern and the modern eras in European history...This compact tome excels by what it offers in plain language and with little fanfare - a succinct chronology and introduction; 400 cross-referenced dictionary entries; and a comprehensive bibliography of journal articles, monographs, and edited works...One of the great advantages of the bibliography is that it is wisely divided into useful categories reflecting the various stages of the Revolution from the "Old Regime in Crisis" to "International Reactions to the Revolution." Libraries and scholars working on the French Revolution will want to acquire this excellent reference guide. American Reference Books Annual This very useful volume is accessible to anglophone undergraduates with little background on the sublect, but also has much to offer the more advanced reader. The French Review, vol. 79
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