How to Study Romantic Poetry

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November 2000



Romantic poetry deals with the tensions, hopes and fears of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, as felt by a disparate group of men and women. How, though, do you approach a Romantic poem? What are useful ways to discuss Romantic poetry, and what if anything do the poets have in common? This completely revised and expanded second edition of How to Study Romantic Poetry shows you in accessible language how to use some of the recent developments in literary theory to think and write about Romantic poetry with confidence. The book now includes a new chapter on the work of women Romantic poets, including Mary Robinson and Elizabeth Hands.


General Editors' Preface.- Chronology.- Introduction: Understanding Romantic Poetry.- Studying a Blake Poem.- Reading Wordsworth's Shorter Poems: Lyrical Ballads.- Studying Wordsworth's The Prelude, Books I and II.- Tackling a Coleridge Poem.- Analysing a Keats Poem.- Working with Women's Poetry.- Writing an Essay.- Further Reading.- Index.


PAUL O'FLINN is Chair of the Department of English Studies at Oxford Brookes University.
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