Radical Islam's Rules: The Worldwide Spread of Extreme Shari'a Law

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A major feature of the rise of Islamism in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and parts of the West is the current rapid growth of a starkly repressive version of shari'a, Islamic law. In this book, noted human rights activists and scholars trace the growth of such law in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Indonesia; document its threat to the status of women, religious freedom, and democracy itself; and suggest how the rest of the world should respond. Published in cooperation with Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 About the Center for Religious Freedom Chapter 5 Introduction: The Rise of Extreme Shari'a Chapter 6 Shari'a in Saudi Arabia, Today and Tomorrow Chapter 7 Shari'a Law in Iran Chapter 8 Shari'a in Pakistan Chapter 9 Shari'a in Sudan Chapter 10 Nigeria: Shari'a in a Fragmented Country Chapter 11 Islamization and Partial Shari'a in Malaysia Chapter 12 Islamization, Creeping Shari'a, and Varied Responses in Indonesia Chapter 13 Democracy and Islam in the New Constitution of Afghanistan Chapter 14 Conclusion: American Responses to Extreme Shari'a Chapter 15 Index Chapter 16 About the Contributors


Paul Marshall is senior fellow at the Center for Religious Freedom, Freedom House. He has lectured worldwide and is general editor of Religious Freedom in the World: A Global Report on Freedom and Persecution. He is the author and editor of 15 other books on religion and politics, including the best-selling and award-winning Their Blood Cries Out, and Islam at the Crossroads and God and the Constitution, both published in 2002. Dr. Marshall has published many scholarly and popular articles and his writings have been translated into Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Malay, Korean, Arabic, and Chinese. He currently resides in Washington, D.C.


That theocracies do exist-and must be resisted by U.S. foreign policy-is ably demonstrated in the anthology Radical Islam's Rules: The Worldwide Spread of Extreme Shari'a Law. Edited by Paul Marshall, a senior fellow at Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom, the book includes ten essays describing how radical Muslims-including the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia-have fostered the rise of religion-based oppression worldwide. National Review Deeply sobering essays by human-rights experts and students of Islam. Foreign Affairs In an anthology produced by the Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom, human rights professionals, scholars, and journalists outline the nature and spread of 'shari'a' law, using seven countries to represent the geographical spread and stages of its effects. Reference and Research Book News
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