Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Epoch: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Works on the Origins, Nature, and Structure of the Nazi State

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November 1998



A comprehensive reference source designed to identify all English-language works that relate to the Nazis and the Third Reich. Included in this bibliography are monographs, biographies, pamphlets, and journal articles, as well as more general histories of the time period.


Paul Madden (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma) is Head of the Department of History at Hardin-Simmons University in Texas.


...of enourmous value, useful to any student of Nazi Germany, at any level...logical classification and author index make his work easy to use. CHOICE This bibliography consists of admirably annotated entries, of short paragraph length. Comprehensive with nicely formatted sections addressing issues dealing with religion. Area Studies Professor Madden is to be congratulated on his...painstaking research, and not least for his refreshing annotations. Area Studies This outstanding resource will prove a boon to student, scholar, and interested layperson alike...Comprehensive indeed! Bridges ...[Madden] has clearly put in a tremendous amount of work on this project...this volume will be a great help to graduate students starting their research on the nazi era. Journal Of Contemporary History Comprehensive, with nicely formatted sections addressing issues dealing with religion, economics, education, government and laws, women and the family, German society, the arts, propaganda, resistance, foreign policy, to name a few. Reference and Research Book News
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