An Easy Guide to Factor Analysis

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November 1993



The clearest and most comprehensible introduction to factor analysis for all students of psychology and social sciences. Paul Kline explains the basis of the method, how it can be used and what its problems and difficulties are.


List of Figures and Tables 1. A General Description of Factor Analysis 2. Statistical Terms and Concepts 3. Principal Components Analysis 4. Other Methods of Factor Analysis 5. Rotation of Factors 6. Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Path Analysis 7. The Interpretation and Use of Factor Analysis: Examples from Personality Tests 8. Factor Analysis in Test Construction 9. Factor Analysis in a Wider Context 10. Interpreting Confirmatory and Path Analyses 11. Summary and Conclusions: The Use and Abuse of Factor Analysis in Research References Index


Paul Kline is Professor of Psychometrics at the University of Exeter. He has been using and teaching factor analysis for thirty years. His previous books include Intelligence: the psychometric view (Routledge 1990) and The Handbook of Psychological Testing (Routledge 1992).
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