Acting: An Introduction to the Art and Craft of Playing

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April 2006



"Acting: An Introduction to the Art and Craft of Playing" discusses both the theory and practice of acting while placing the actor center stage as the crucial artist in the theatre. This book examines the underlying issues of acting and describes potential approaches to meet these challenges. Practical, experiential examples of applying the vocabulary are provided, but the book is not overloaded with exercises. The book identifies and clearly states the four fundamental actions and four basic tasks that form the basis for acting, focusing the student's energy for playing physically, vocally, imaginatively, and emotionally. Topically organized chapters examine the underlying processes and theories of the acting process through an open and descriptive approach and provide clear and concrete exercises to facilitate student development and understanding.


Index of Exercises Preface to the Teacher/Coach Acknowledgments Preface to Student Players Two Terms to Consider I. PREPARATION FOR PLAYING 1. Acting and Performing Who We Are and How We Function Acting and Performing Art and Theater Acting The Practice of Practice Improvisation 2. The Creative Environment Commitment Risk Breath 3. Ki: Energy for Playing The Four Ki-Posts Intention II. THE TOOLS FOR PLAYING Workouts and Warm-ups 4. Body: The Actor's First Tool Human Motion The Body at Play Fitness Yoga Laban Movement 5. Voice: The Actor's Second Tool Origin of Human Speech Developing Your Voice The Active Voice Breathing Sounding Vocal Range Articulating 6. Imagination: The Actor's Third Tool The Nature of Imagination The Active Imagination Using the Imagination As If... 7. Feelings: The Actor's Fourth Tool The Nature of Feelings Sensations Emotions Feeling Exercises Cooling Down 8. The Names of Action Acting Is Doing The Fundamental Actions Intermission #1: The Theatrical Illusion The Willingness to Believe Theatrical Illusion of Time Intermission #2: A Warm-up III. PLAYING 9. The Basic Tasks The Basic Tasks Relationships Status Sample Open Scene 10. Playing in Plays From Impulse to Text The Play (text) Dramatic Structure Conventions Realism Play Analysis Scene Analysis Analyzing Text The Promptscript 11. Playing Character Character Character Analysis 12. Playing the Field Stage Technique Four Questions for the Space The Impulse to Move Seven Guidelines for Playing the Field Playing the Proscenium Field Planes Crosses Body Positions Costumes, Lights, and Sound Costume Light Sound 13. You the Player, You the Artist The Rehearsal Process Read-throughs Homework Rehearsing Run-throughs Tech Opening Night Playing Well with Others The Student-Teacher Relationship The Actor-Director Relationship Curtain Call-The Spirit of Play Presence Postscript Appendix Action List (Push, Pull, Hold, Release-from and to) Task List (Attract, Repel, Sustain, Free) Sample Entrance Lines Sample Exit Lines Selected Bibliography Acting Movement Voice Theory and Analysis Background Index
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