Studies in Descriptive and Historical Linguistics: Festschrift for Winfred P. Lehmann

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Januar 1977



This volume of articles was prepared in honor of Winfred P. Lehmann on the occasion of his 60th birthday. The papers are presented in two sections: I. Studies in Descriptive Linguistics, and II. Studies in Historical Linguistics. The volume contains contributions by R.M.W. Dixon, Ralph M. Goodman, Maurice Gross, Einar Haugen, David G. Hays, Archibald A. Hill, Mohammad Ali Jazayery, E.F.K. Koerner, D. Terence Langendoen, Don L.F. Nilsen, Arthur L. Palacas, Sol Saporta, Sanford A. Schane, Jacob Mey, Anders Ahlqvist, Simon C. Dik, Robert T. Harms, Saul Levin, Yakov Malkiel, D. Gary Miller, William G. Moulton, Edgar C. Polome, Gary D. Prideaux, Luigi Romeo, Maria Tsiapera, Krystyna Wachowicz, Mridula Adenwala Durbin, Paul J. Hopper, Aaron Bar-Adon.


1. Foreword, pvii;
2. List of publications of Winfred P. Lehmann (C01 Hewitt, Helen-Jo Jakusz), p1;
3. Part I: Studies in descriptive linguistics, p19;
4. 1. Delocutive verbs in dyirbal (by Dixon, R.M.W.), p21;
5. 2. Multiple SD's for unambiguous sentences: continuums (by Goodman, Ralph M.), p39;
6. 3. Remarks on the separation between syntax and semantics (by Gross, Maurice), p71;
7. 4. 'Sexism' and the Norwegian language (by Haugen, Einar), p83;
8. 5. Machine translation and abstract terminology (by Hays, David G.), p95;
9. 6. Literary meanings - complex or simple? (by Hill, Archibald A.), p109;
10. 7. Some aspects of lexical synonymy in contemporary persian (by Jazayery, Mohammad Ali), p125;
11. 8. The humboldtian trend in linguistics (by Koerner, E.F.K.), p145;
12. 9. On the inadequacy of type-3 and type-2 grammars for human languages (by Langendoen, D. Terence), p159;
13. 10. False cognates in english and spanish (by Nilsen, Don L.F.), p173;
14. 11. Specificness in generative grammar (by Palacas, Arthur L.), p188;
15. 12. Language in a sexist society (by Saporta, Sol), p209;
16. 13. Rule breaking in english spelling: A study of final E (by Schane, Sanford A.), p217;
17. 14. Linguistics as a practical science (by Mey, Jacob L.), p235;
18. Part II: Studies in historical linguistics, p265;
19. 15. Typological notes on irish word-order (by Ahlqvist, Anders), p267;
20. 16. Inductive generalizations in semantic change (by Dik, Simon C.), p283;
21. 17. The uralo-yukaghir focus system: a problem in remote genetic relationship (by Harms, Robert T.), p301;
22. 18. 'Something stolen': a semitic participle and an indo-european neuter substantive (by Levin, Saul), p317;
23. 19. Why AP-ISH but worm-Y? (by Malkiel, Yakov), p341;
24. 20. Bartholomae's law and an ie root structure constraint (by Miller, D. Gary), p365;
25. 21. Secondary stress in germanic alliterative verse (by Moulton, William G.), p393;
26. 22. Approaches to the study ofvedic religion (by Polome, Edgar C.), p405;
27. 23. Lexical restructuring versus rule addition: a case study in dialect differentiation (by Prideaux, Gary D.), p417;
28. 24. A note on Hippocrates' gammarhoalpha alphatauiotakappa (by Romeo, Luigi), p429;
29. 25. historical considerations for lexical variation in cypriotic and standard greek (by Tsiapera, Maria), p437;
30. 26. The synchronic description and historical change (by Wachowicz, Krystyna), p445;
31. 27. An identification of a language - a methodology (by Durbin, Mridula Adenwala), p457;
32. 28. Hildebrandslied 35b: Dat ih dir it nu bi huldi gibu (by Hopper, Paul J.), p481;
33. 29. On the nativization of modern hebrew and the role of children in this process (by Bar-Adon, Aaron), p487;
34. Index of names, p449
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