The Andromeda Galaxy

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Juni 1992



The Andromeda Galaxy, or M31, is an attractive galaxy for astronomers. It is close to us, it is of about the size of our galaxy, it provides some intriguing observational puzzles because the galaxy is nearly edge-on, and many objects can be studied in detail, because they are still sufficiently bright. With the current developments in instrumentation with which increasingly detailed studies of the Andromeda Galaxy can be made, this book provides a solid foundation for the start of new observations. This book is a mine of information about M31. It can be used as a reference by insiders, and at the same time it provides easy access for newcomers to the field.


1. Early History.- 2. Discovery of its Galaxian Nature.- 3. Modern History.- 4. Optical Structure.- 5. The Neutral Hydrogen Content.- 6. Radio Continuum Radiation.- 7. Rotation.- 8. Dynamics and Mass.- 9. Globular Clusters.- 10. OB Associations.- 11. Open Clusters.- 12. Dust.- 13. Variable Stars and Novae.- 14. HII Regions and Supernova Remnants.- 15. Planetary Nebulae.- 16. Molecules.- 17. X-Ray Sources.- 18. Stars and Stellar Populations.- 19. A Comparison of M31 with the Milky Way.- 20. Annotated Bibliography, 1885-1950.- References.



'Hodge has written a superb review of this galaxy, starting with the history of its early...This a very readable monograph "a tour de force" and is well illustrated and referenced.' New Scientist May 1993

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