How to Make Opportunity Equal: Race and Contributive Justice

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November 2006



This critical examination of racial equality takes a new approach to breaking down racial barriers by proposing a system of equal opportunity through shared labor and contributive justice. Focuses on how race and class inevitably structure vastly unequal life prospects Shows how human society can be organized in a way that does not socialize children for lives of routine labour Looks towards contribution, not distribution, as a way to promote racial equality Argues that by sharing routine and complex labor, social relationships would be transformed, eliminating competition for limited opportunities to develop and contribute abilities
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Preface * Who Toils? Race, Equal Opportunity, and the Division of Labor * Against Leveling the Playing Field * Against Limiting Opportunity * Egalitarianism of Opportunity and Other Egalitarianisms * Can Everyone be Esteemed? * Opportunity for What? Defending the Constellation * Sharing Labor * Transforming Relationships * Is Inequality Necessary? * Are Some Born Smarter than Others? * Race and Political Philosophy * Justice and Markets * Contributive Justice. Acknowledgments. References. Index


Paul Gomberg is Professor of Philosophy at Chicago State University. He has published widely in political philosophy, the history of philosophy, and on race in journals such as Ethics, American Philosophical Quarterly, and The Journal of Social Philosophy. His writing reflects his experience as an anti-racist activist and teacher.


"Undeniably represents a significant contribution to the debate on equality of opportunity. It does valuable work in demonstrating the need to explore a more 'human-activity-based' approach to equal opportunity and provides as such a good starting point for further research. It is written for a broad audience: its argument is accessible and challenging not only for advanced students and professors in the social sciences, but also for general readers. Gomberg succeeds in combining abstract philosophical reasoning with lively illustrations and anecdotes borrowed from the history of the United States, but also from his own experience as a teacher in a public university with a high proportion of black students." (Metapsychology, October 2008) "Gomberg writes in a hard-hitting, knowledgeable and engaging way about the problems of racism in society and marshals an array of evidence to illustrate his case." (Ethical Theory and Moral Practice)
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