Marketing Higher and Further Education

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Dezember 2001



A manual for anyone wishing to market higher or further education. It offers business-oriented guidance for readers whose main preoccupation may not be marketing itself, but who nonetheless need access to promotion skills, and it covers theory, practice and case studies.


Why market?; training or education; the essence of marketing education; research; developing a marketing position; public relations; making partnerships work; managing the project; fund raising and financing marketing; local, national and international marketing; students recruitment; product development - offering the students the courses they want; quality offered; exploring the power of learning relationships; auditing success.


Dr Paul Gibbs lectured in HE for a number of years and is now Director of the HE Business Unit with Edexcel, the UK vocational and academic awards body. Michael Knapp is Corporate Marketing Director of Edexcel and has held a number of senior marketing jobs, including Marketing Director of HP foods and of Dairy Crest.
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