Evangelicals and Politics in Asia, Africa and Latin America

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August 2003



Paul Freston's book is a pioneering comparative study of the political aspects of the new mass evangelical Protestantism of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and parts of Asia. The book examines twenty-seven countries from the three major continents of the Third World, burrowing deep into the specificities of each country's religious and political fields. The conclusion looks at the implications of evangelical politics for democracy, nationalism and globalization. This unique account of the politics of global evangelicalism will be of interest across disciplines and in many different parts of the world.


Introduction; Part I. Brazil: 1. Brazil; Part II. Asia: 2. Asia: general introduction; 3. Korea; 4. Philippines; 5. Malaysia; 6. Indonesia; 7. India; 8. Myanmar (Burma); 9. China; Part III. Africa: 10. Africa: general introduction; 11. Sudan; 12. Angola; 13. Mozambique; 14. Zimbabwe; 15. Malawi; 16. Rwanda; 17. Uganda; 18. Ghana; 19. Kenya; 20. Zambia; 21. South Africa; 22. Nigeria; Part IV. Spanish-Speaking Latin America: 23. Latin America: general introduction; 24. Argentina; 25. Mexico; 26. Chile; 27. Colombia; 28. Peru; 29. Nicaragua; 30. Guatemala; Conclusion.


Paul Freston is Lecturer in Sociology at the Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil.


"This is an important and ambitious book." International Journal of African Historical Studies "The total effect of Freston's book is powerful and needs to be recognized by anybody researching Evangelicalism and politics in the developing world." History of Religions "This carefully researched volume provides both a general review of the literature on evangelicals and politics and a strong critique of theory that posits a necessary link between evangelicals and any single orientation... A particular strength of the book is the critical treatment of the ambiguous role of evangelicals in civil society... In short, Freston has produced a valuable set of case studies that provide an essential starting point for scholars interested in the comparative study of evangelical religion and politics." Journal of Church and State "A superb pioneering contribution. The concluding chapter is an insightful examination of the implications of evangelical politics for democracy, nationalism, and globalization. Highly recommended." Choice "Paul Freston provides readers with the first systematic account of the evangelical Christians and politics in the developing world... a valuable publication that pushes discussion of a controversial topic much further along than current debates often do...Freston has opened a window to a comprehensive view." Edward L. Cleary, International Bulletin of Missionary Research
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