Science and Empire: East Coast Fever in Rhodesia and the Transvaal

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The story of East Coast fever, a lethal disease of cattle, and its scientific study.


List of illustrations; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Prologue; 2. The places and the players; 3. A new disease?; 4. The search for an expert; 5. Robert Koch in Bulawayo; 6. Joseph Chamberlain; 7. Arnold Theiler, Charles Lounsbury and Duncan Hutcheon; 8. The fight against East Coast fever; 9. The African-owned cattle in Rhodesia; 10. Two more parasites and another new disease; 11. What is East Coast fever?; 12. Epilogue; Notes and references; Index.


" excellent means of assisting veterinarians and students of veterinary medicine in understanding the social and economic impact of animal diseases and how verterinary medicine is a key element in those aspects ... I found it fascinating and certainly gained insights into Koch's work that I did not learn as a studennt of bacteriology. Because the author wrote the book as a s tudy and a story, it makes great fireside or bedside reading." JVME "Cranefield...has achieved a degree of clarity in his presentation of this story that should allow it to be readily understood by historians of the British Empire in Africa as well as by historians of medicine. Most laymen are unlikely to feel lost...Undoubtedly a highly reliable book, Science and Empire appears to have presented to its author an engrossing challenge to reconstruct past scientific reasoning and governance." Diana Wylie, International Journal of African Historical Studies "...fascinating, well-written book...thoroughly grounded in research in relevant archives and the scientific literature. The author has many significant things to say about the process of scientific discovery, the role of intellectual authority, communications among researchers, and intellectual relationships between center and periphery. He also tells a very interesting and important story." K. David Patterson, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Science
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