Cyberstalking: Harassment in the Internet Age and How to Protect Your Family

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Cyberstalking is an entirely new form of deviant behavior that uses technology to harass others in a variety of ways. In less than a decade, our reliance on the Internet, email, instant messaging, chat rooms, and other communications technologies has made cyberstalking a growing social problem that can affect computer users anywhere in the world. This is the first book devoted entirely to an examination of cyberstalking, providing an overview of the problem, its causes and consequences, and practical advice for protecting yourself and your loved ones.


"Current trends and evidence suggest that cyberstalking is a serious problem that will grow in scope and complexity as more people take advantage of the Internet and other telecommunications technologies. Paul Bocij's book offers a framework for an initial response to the problem. He gives the reader an insightful look at how communications technologies provide a thorough analysis of this neglected topic. It is a must for anyone concerned with the crime of cyberstalking."-Hedi Nasheri, Department of Justice Studies Kent State University
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