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August 2002



Your Complete Guide to Creating and Maintaining Weblogs
Weblogs offer an exciting new way to voice your opinions, share ideas with others, and help your business grow. Written by a team of weblog pioneers-the people who helped create Blogger and the MetaFilter community blog-this book shows you how to build, evolve and automate weblogs for personal and business use.
We Blog begins with a complete overview of blog history, the different kinds of weblogs that exist today, and more. It further explains how to create, expand, and promote your own blog, from getting the most out of a variety of blogging tools and services to building a blog for business and expanding your audience through syndication.
Packed with insider advice, practical exercises, and illuminating interviews, We Blog is your indispensable guide to the world of weblogs.
Build Your Own Blog Today and Get Connected
* Create your first blog in just a few minutes
* Find out about team blogs and business blogs
* Learn how to use six popular blogging tools
* Make blogging even easier with an automated weblog system
* Add a comment system to connect with your audience
* Build your audience by promoting or syndicating your blog


Part I: What Is a Blog?
Chapter 1: Introduction to Blogs.
Chapter 2: Blogs in Action.
Chapter 3: Navigating the Blog Universe.
Part II: Blog Elements.
Chapter 4: The Building Blocks of Blogging.
Chapter 5: Working with Blog Tools and Services.
Chapter 6: Understanding Blog Technology.
Part III: Advanced Blogging.
Chapter 7: Connecting with Your Audience.
Chapter 8: Using Blogs in Business.
Chapter 9: Blog Publicity and Syndication.
Appendix A: HTML Reference.
Appendix B: Blog Tools Reference.
Appendix C: Glossary.


Paul Bausch is the co-creator of Blogger, the popular weblog software. A veteran Web developer, Paul is skilled in a variety of programming languages and is the creator of several useful blogging tools.
Matthew Haughey started the community weblog, which now has over 13,000 members, and helped develop the site and service.
Meg Hourihan is the cofounder of Pyra, the company behind Blogger. A frequent speaker on the subject of weblogs, she runs her own award-winning blog ( and was profiled by the New Yorker in an article on weblogs.


"...a quintessential guide to this worldwide phenomenon..." (www.Gurteen Knowledge Management, 24 September 2002)
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