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April 2002



A history of the anti-militarist propaganda and activities of the French socialists that seeks to explain why the French left came to accept and in some instances even support World War I.


Contents: Introduction: "The revolution that's coming" Origins of war: The roots of anti-militarism in the Third Republic Anti-militarist armies: Structures and strategies Enemies an dallies Anti-militarist militants: The question of commitment Glory to the 17th! Anti-militarist wars: The battle within Anti-militarist wars: The battle without Epilogue: En avant!


Paul B. Miller is Assistant Professor of History at Western Maryland College.


"A powerful study of the tragic choices facing the French antiwar movement in the early twentieth century. Miller helps us see how, by 1914, the only way to fight war was to join it. This outcome, he demonstrates persuasively, was neither a betrayal of prior convictions nor a momentary response to a war crisis the speed of which surprised all observers." - Jay Winter, Columbia University "In this well-researched and in-depth analysis, Paul Miller successfully treats multiple viewpoints and highlights in a lively manner the various 'affairs' that mobilised public opinion in France at the outbreak of World War I." - Nancy Green, author of Ready-to-Wear and Ready-to-Work: A Century of Industry and Immigrants in Paris and New York
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