The Journey to Wisdom: Self-Education in Patristic and Medieval Literature

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The Journey to Wisdom addresses a broad array of topics in education, the natural world, and medieval intellectual history. The book examines a philosophy of education that originated with the ancient Greeks and that reached its culmination in the late-medieval and early-Renaissance periods. That philosophy of education promotes a journey to wisdom, involving an escape from pure subjectivity and "the seductions of rhetoric" and leading to a profound awareness of the natural world and "nature's God". It grants us a renewed sense of education as a self-directed, transforming journey to knowledge and insight - rather than (as is so often the case now) as an impersonal, bureaucratized trek that reflects little sense of the ultimate aims of education. The Journey of Wisdom will be essential reading for students of ancient, medieval, and Renaissance intellectual history. But in its unmistakably modern concerns about education, the book also speaks to a far wider spectrum of readers.


Paul A. Olson is Foundation Professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is the author of "The Canterbury Tales and the Good Society" and the editor of "The Struggle for the Land: Indigenous Insight and the Industrial Empire in the Semiarid World" (Nebraska 1990). Mr. Olson has spent much of his career from the 1960s to the 1990s working on reform in education, especially in inner cities, Indian reservations and rural areas afflicted by the farm crisis. He is past president of the Center for Rural Affairs, a sustainable agriculture and farm advocacy group.


"This is an important, complex, and wide ranging interpretation of significant aspects of Western educational theory and practice from Socrates to Kepler. . . . [This is a work impressive in the breadth of its learning and intent."--Edward D./i>--Edward D. English "Cithara "
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