Social Issues in Technology: A Format for Investigation

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Januar 2002



For courses covering Social Issues in Technology, Technology and Culture, Technological Anthropology, Technology and Ethics, or History of Technology, in technology, humanities, or social science departments. Finely-focused on the technology-society connection, this unique text presents the methods and theories available for exploring the effects of technology on our lives - past, present, and future. It is designed as a primer to give investigators and students the necessary intellectual tools to begin their own research into the field.


I. THE NATURE OF TECHNOLOGY: FOUNDATIONS. 1. Technology: A Natural Process. 2. Resistance to Change. 3. Creativity and Innovation: The Critical Link. 4. Economics and Cultural Impetus. 5. An Idea Whose Time Has Come. II. METHODS OF STUDY. 6. The Cause and Effect of Technology and Society. 7. Modeling, Simulations, and Gaming. 8. Systems Behavior: The Universal Laws. 9. Diversity, Randomness, and Systemic Integrity. 10. Catastrophe Theory: The Plague of Technological Complexity. 11. The Systemic Models. III. CONCLUSION. 12. Prelude. Appendix: Topics for Discussion and Analysis. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.
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