The Texas Senate, Volume II: Civil War to the Eve of Reform, 1861-1889

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Februar 1999



When the Ninth Legislature convened in November, 1861, representatives gave little thought to the somber days that lay ahead, instead making exultant predictions of a quick victory over the enemy to the north. Houston's warning was forgotten.The Texas Senate, Volume II, picks up where the first volume left off, covering the story of this sometimes venerable, sometimes raucous, and sometimes unsavory body from the onset of the war until another eve, that of the period sometimes called the Era of Reform.Written by members of the Senate Engrossing and Enrolling Department and edited by Engrossing and Enrolling Clerk Patsy McDonald Spaw, this volume comprises the years of the war itself, Reconstruction and Republican dominance, Redeemer politics and the return of the Democrats, and the rise of agrarian reform.Sources for the history include the Senate journals, the letters and private papers of senators, newspapers of the era, committee reports, and other primary sources, as well as general and specialized histories of the topics. As in the previous volume, carefully selected illustrations and appendices listing members of the Senate for each of its sessions add significant details.The Texas Senate, Volume II, presents a narrative account of the issues fought; the legislation proposed, rejected, and accepted; and the actors who filled the stage of this period in Texas history. It offers both an account of the times and a guide to the sources for other historians to mine.


Patsy McDonald Spaw, engrossing and enrolling clerk of the Texas Senate, holds a doctorate in law from the University of Texas. She also served as coordinator and editor of "The ""Texas"" Senate, Volume I," published by Texas A&M University Press in 1991.
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