Manufacturing Planning and Control

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Manufacturing Planning and Control by Patrik Jonsson and Stig-Arne Mattsson This new book takes a comprehensive look at manufacturing planning and control from the manufacturing company's perspective but the focus is both on the intra-organisational system and on the supply chain as a whole. With its unique focus on understanding the characteristics of planning processes, methods and techniques and how to design and use processes, methods and techniques in various planning environments, this book has an important relevance from an applied industry point of view. It provides you with knowledge and guidelines on how to develop the planning environment, and how to design and use planning processes and methods efficiently and effectively in operational practice. This book is an important learning tool for undergraduates and postgraduates and will help them develop an understand of manufacturing planning and control that goes beyond statistics and calculation, and provides knowledge and frameworks for designing planning processes in different industrial environments. This book supports all modules on APICS's CPIM certification program. Key Features: Problems, Exercises Examples
Many of the chapters feature problems and exercises to help explain concepts. Examples of how methods and concepts are used in practice are integrated throughout the text. Discussion Tasks
This feature encourages you to review and apply the knowledge you have acquired from each chapter. Cases and Discussion Questions
End of chapter cases illustrate current practice and key concepts defined and described in the book. Each case is followed by a set of questions to help you critically apply your understanding and further develop some of the topics introduced to you. Patrik Jonsson is Professor of operations and supply chain management at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. Stig-Arne Mattsson has 30 years of industry experience in operations management, supply chain management and information systems. He has also been Adjunct Professor in supply chain management, first at Växjö University and later at Lund University.


Part 1: Starting Points of Production and Materials Management
Chapter 1: Introduction and Background
Chapter 2: The Manufacturing Company
Chapter 3: Approaches in Manufacturing Planning and Control
Part 2: Preconditions for Manufcaturing Planning and Control
Chapter 4: Manufacturing Planning and Control Performance
Chapter 5: Basic data for Manufacturing Operations
Chapter 6: Planning Parameters and Variables
Part 3: Forecasting and Master Planning
Chapter 7: Forecasting
Chapter 8: Customer Order Management
Chapter 9: Sales and Operations Planning
Chapter 10: Master Production Scheduling
Part 4: Detailed Planning and Execution
Chapter 11: Material Planning
Chapter 12: Lot Sizing
Chapter 13: Determining Safety Stocks
Chapter 14: Capacity Planning
Chapter 15: Execution and Control in Pull Environments
Chapter 16: Execution and Control in a Traditional Planning Environment
Chapter 17: Procurement of Materials
Chapter 18: Inventory Accounting
A: Solutions to Problems
B: Safety Stock Tables


Dr Patrick Jonsson is professor in supply chain management at Chalmers University of Technology. He holds a PhD in production management from Lund University and is CFPIM andCSCP certified through APICS. At Chalmers he is currently Head of the PhD programme at the Department of Technology Management and Economics and lecturers in master's and executive training programmes in Supply Chain Management.He has during the last 15 years co-ordinatedand taught numerous logistics and supply chain management courses and programmes at VäxjöUniversity and Chalmers University of Technology and in executive and further education programmesfor people working in industry. His research which mainly has dealt withmanufacturing planning and control, information systems, supplier structures and relations, outsourcingand performance management in supply chains has been published in journals such asJournal of Operations Management, International Journal of Operations and ProductionManagement, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of ProductionEconomics, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal and International Journal ofPhysical Distribution and Logistics Management. He is currently on the editorial advisory boardsof logistics and business journals.
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