Understanding Film Texts

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April 2001



Part of a new introductory series, this book makes accessible and ordinary the ideas and procedures of film studies. Using a variety of critical thought about film texts, the author's approach is grounded in the experience of the student as a cinema-goer.
The book is organized around three accessible, non-specialist experiences of film: story, character, and spectacle. Through these, an introduction is offered to film- specific studies. Each chapter makes detailed references to two films. The choice of films is contemporary and diverse--from "E.T." to "A Chinese Ghost Story," from" Once Were Warriors" to "Romeo and Juliet," from "Sliding Doors" to "Secrets and Lies." The author uses close study of specific sequences in order to develop an introductory level understanding and appreciation of key elements of film form such as mise-en-scene and editing. Throughout, the emphasis is placed on how meaning is made in the interaction between film "text" and spectator. The close study of specific film text is also used as the basis for opening up broader issues and ideas in film studies.


Story; character; spectacle.
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