Transportation Economics

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Unlike any other book available, this collection uses a detailed analysis of econometric results from current transportation literature to provide an integrated collection of theory and application. Case studies are used to illustrate the economic principles developed, while testable hypotheses and economic results are highlighted throughout the text to provide a well-developed introduction to the foundations of transportation economics.


Preface. 1. An overview of Transportation Acitivites. 2. Statistical Analysis of Economic Relations. 3. Transportation Demand -- Divisible Goods Case. 4. Transportation Demand -- Discrete Good Case. 5. Firm Production and Cost in Transportation -- The Long Run. 6. Firm Produciton and Cost in Transportation -- The Short Run. 7. Competition, Concentration and Market Power in Transportation. 8. Regulation, Deregulation, and Efficiency in Transportation. 9. Transportation Investment. 10. Welfare Effects of Public Sector Pricing and Investment. 11. Congestion Pricing. 12. Transportation and Land Use in Urban Areas. 13. Transportation Safety.


Patrick S. McCarthy is Professor and Chair in the School of Economics at Georgia Institute of Technology, and was formerly Professor of Economics in the Krannert Graduate School of Business at Purdue University. His current research interests focus upon transportation demand modeling, public transit costs, transportation safety, government regulation, and transportation infrastructure. He is widely published, and since 1993 he has contributed to the Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, the Journal of Infrastructure Systems, the Review of Economics and Statistics, Transport Policy, Economics Letters, and the Journal of Urban Economics.


"Transportation Economics is an exceptionally well--done book which includes all the major points of interest in transportation economics and then some. McCarthy combines economic theory with econometric methods in a case--study approach and, in so doing, provides a comprehensive view of the entire field. The a chapter highlightsa are an excellent review of the ideas and topics presented. This is an excellent book for the upper--level undergraduate student and graduate student." Peter D. Loeb, Rutgers University. "This is a rigorous text providing a comprehensive coverage for both the student and the specialist in transportation economics. It is strongly recommended." Dr. Saad Yousif, Salford University.
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