What's So Scary about R.L. Stine?

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November 1998



In this spirited defense, Patrick Jones examines Stine's genius for writing pop culture, a craft that has its own skills and value. Jones proposes that debate about Stine has become a prism through which we view questions about youth and popular reading, particularly horror and other paperback series.


Chapter 1 DON'T GO IN THE ATTIC: childhood, college, and early writing career Chapter 2 JOKE TELLER: humor books Chapter 3 PLOT TWISTER: multiple storyline books Chapter 4 A BLIND DATE: first thriller, Blind Date Chapter 5 THRILLS, CHILLS, AND SPILLS: the appeal of horror Chapter 6 HORROR MASTER: the Fear Street series Chapter 7 TWICE THE THRILLS TWICE A YEAR: Fear Street Super Chillers Chapter 8 THRILLOGIES: Fear Street trilogies Chapter 9 OFF FEAR STREET: other YA novels and an adult novel Chapter 10 NUMBER ONE WITHOUT A BULLET: Goosebumps Chapter 11 THE STINE MACHINE: writing process Chapter 12 WHAT'S SO SCARY ABOUT R.L. STINE?


Patrick Jones is a librarian in Houston, Texas, and the author of Connecting Young Adults and Libraries: A How To Do It Manual. Jones is a frequent speaker at library conferences, the creator of the Young Adult Librarian's Help/Homepage, and the editor of a column for VOYA magazine about websites of interest to young adults and young adult librarians.


This book should be widely read by is very informative. School Library Association ...a powerful argument for appreciating and evaluating Stine's style, popularity, and contribution to young adult literature...Jones perspectives are insightful... School Library Journal engaging critical study of the biggest seller in children's as much advocacy as critical appraisal, and the writer has done an excellent job of supporting that advocacy...thorough but breezy and accessible, this is a title that will provide fodder for many librarians grappling with the mass-market issue. The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books If you are interested in Stine's life and his career path, if you want a bibliography of his books, assessment and criticism of major works, discussion of his literary influences and his position in young adult literature, this volume is for you. Joys Jones provides us with plenty to think about as he helps us understand R.L. Stine as a person, as a writer, and as a power in children's literature. He also gives us insight into today's children: what they do, what they want, what they think...and what they fear. These are all important considerations for parents and educators when we decide whether or not we are afraid of R.L. Stine. Journal Of Adolescent and Adult Literacy Jones's writing is lively and enthusiastic and he delivers the goods. His respect for young people and their reading tastes shines through. Buy this book. VOYA ...this analysis of Stine's career and works by a Houston YA librarian places him in the tradition of respected YA writers-affirming that horror literature for children has a legitimate place in libraries. Reference and Research Book News Educators, librarians and media specialists should welcome the depth of thought and research that has been poured into this study. It deserves a place in professional and library collections alongside his brief autobiography. Catholic Library World
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