The Mind and Its Stories: Narrative Universals and Human Emotion

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April 2009



Patrick Colm Hogan argues that, to a remarkable degree, the stories people admire in different cultures follow a limited number of patterns determined by cross-culturally constant ideas about emotion. Hogan draws on world literature; experimental research treating emotion and emotion concepts; and methodological principles from contemporary linguistics and philosophy of science. He concludes with a discussion of the relationship between the narrative, emotion concepts, and the biological and social components of emotion.


Introduction: studying narrative, studying emotion; 1. Literary universals; 2. Emotion and suggestion: lexical processes in literary experience; 3. Four hypotheses on emotion and narrative; 4. Writing beyond the ending: a problem of narrative, empathy, and ethics; 5. Extending the theory: emotion prototypes, narrative junctures, and lyric poetry; 6. Testing, revision, and the program of research in narrative universals: Ainu epic and the plot of sacrifice; 7. The structure of stories: some general principles of plot; Afterword: from the emotional nature of narrative to the narrative nature of emotion; Notes.


'Hogan's work usefully compares non-Europeans and 'Euro-American' conceptions of literary universals.' Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
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