Food for Thought: Towards a Future for Farming

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Februar 2004



A manifesto for change in agriculture produced by the radical French farmers' union, Confederation Paysanne.


List of boxes List of abbreviations Translator's note Foreword by Jose Bove Introduction 1 The industrialisation of farming 1962: the birth of productivism Exporting and free trade From stockpiling to commercial war The logic of free trade Europe's export vocation 2 Reforming the CAP 1992: the topsy-turvy CAP The Marrakech shambles 1999: From Berlin to Seattle Headlong to disaster! 3 French agricultural trade unionism: the long march of the Confederation Paysanne The FNSEA (the National Federation of Farmers' Unions) The rumblings of opposition The birth of the Confederation 4 Major principles for changing international policies An overview of the 'givens' Reaffirm food sovereignty Make dumping illegal 5 Fateful choice for the CAP A false opposition Towards a reform of the CAP in 2003 A real revolution 6 Towards a solidaristic citizens' and farmers' CAP End the supposed export vocation of the EU Supply management A policy founded on equitable prices A de-intensified agriculture A genuine policy of rural development Giving answers to farmers while awaiting CAP reform 7 Conclusion Appendix 1: l'Agriculture paysanne: a charter for small farming Appendix 2: Campaign for an immediate change in the direction of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Appendix 3: Resources Appendix 4: The 2003 reform of the CAP Notes Index


The book has a useful chapter on the history of French rural trade unionism. -- Green Socialist Food for Thought provides an exciting alternative to both globalisation and localisation, together with an informative survey of the niceties of Cap, the WTO and farming politics. -- Red Pepper
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