The South America Handbook

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November 2002



The "Regional Handbooks of Economic Development" series provides accessible overviews of countries within their larger domestic and international contexts, focusing on the relations among regions as they meet the challenges of the twenty first century. The series allows the non-specialist student to explore a wide range of complex factors-social and political as well as economic-that affect the growth of developing regions in Asia, Europe, and South America. Each "Handbook" provides an overview chapter discussing the region's economic conditions within an historical and political context, as well as 20 or more chapter-length essays written by recognized experts, which analyze the key issues affecting a region's economy: its population, natural resources, foreign trade, labor problems, and economic inequalities, and other vital factors. In addition, the volumes offer useful support materials, including a series of appendices that include a detailed chronology of events in the region, a glossary of terms, biographical entries on key personalities, an annotated bibliography of further reading, and a comprehensive analytical index.


Map: National Frontiers and Capital Cities of South America; History and Context: 1: The Colonial Era and its Aftermath, 1492-1870; 2: Globalization and Retreat, 1870-1945; 3: From Developmentism to Neoliberalism, 1945-2000; Nation States; 4: Venezuela; 5: Colombia; 6: Ecuador; 7: Peru; 8: Bolivia; 9: Chile; 10: Argentina; 11: Uruguay; 12: Paraguay; 13: Brazil; 14: Guyana; 15: Suriname; South America and the New Century; 16: Environment and Natural Resources; 17: Agriculture: 18: Labour, Indigenous, and Social Movements; 19: Attempts at Integration; 20: Relations with United States; Appendices; Chronolgy; Glossary; Personalitie s; Political and Economic Institutions; Ethnic Groups; Bibliography; Index.


"The appendixes-- chronology of events, terms, biographies-- and the annotated bibliography and index will retain value for many years to come....The consistent strengths of the series include its coverage of multinationals, descriptions of the labor situations and distribution of wealth within the region, inclusion of larger regional and international relations, and preparation of reports by experts."
-"Choice, Jamuary 2003
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