Partiality, Modality and Nonmonotonicity

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Juli 1996



This edited volume of articles provides a state-of-the-art description of research in logic-based approaches to knowledge representation which combines approaches to reasoning with incomplete information that include partial, modal, and nonmonotonic logics. The collection contains two parts: foundations and case studies. The foundations section provides a general overview of partiality, multi-valued logics, use of modal logic to model partiality and resource-limited inference, and an integration of partial and modal logics. The case studies section provides specific studies of issues raised in the foundations section. Several of the case studies integrate modal and partial modal logics with nonmonotonic logics. Both theoretical and practical aspects of such integration are considered. Knowledge representation issues such as default reasoning, theories of action and change, reason maintenance, awareness, and automation of nonmonotonic reasoning are covered.


Part I. Foundations: 1. How different is partial logic?; 2. Sequent formalizations of three-valued logic; 3. Modalities for reasoning about knowledge and uncertainties; 4. Fundamentals of partial modal logic; Part II. Case Studies: 5. A study in modal embeddings of NML3; 6. A model-based approach to predictive causal reasoning; 7. Partial semantics for truth maintenance; 8. Combining partial and classical semantics: a hybrid approach to belief and awareness; 9. Autoepistemic logic as a basis for automating nonmonotonic reasoning; Name index; Subject index.
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