Queer Man on Campus: A History of Non-Heterosexual College Men, 1945-2000

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This book reveals the inadequacy of a unified "gay" identity in studying the lives of queer college men. Instead, seven types of identities are discernible in the lives of non-heterosexual college males, as the author shows.


Section 1: Finding My Way 1. Calling Names, Naming Tales 2. Queer Theory, Identity Development Section II: Patterns of Non-heterosexual Lives 3. Tea Rooms and No Sympathy: Homosexuals and the Closet 4. From the Margins to the Ivory Tower: Gay and Queer Students 5. Beyond Textbook Definitions: "Normal" and Parallel Students Section III: Making Sense of Non-heterosexual Identity 6. Collegiate Non-heterosexual Identities: 1945-1999 7. On the Fluidity of Identity


Patrick Dilley is Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Qualitative Research at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. A recipient of the American College Personnel Emerging Scholar Award, Dilley is currently researching the history of gay and lesbian student organizations.


"Patrick Dilley offers a creative and compassionate portrait of the historical and cultural facets of identity among non-heterosexual college men. This portrait counters many of the prevailing notions about gay men and in so doing forges provocative and empowering representations of queer lives."
-Robert Rhoads, author of "Coming Out in College: The Struggle for a Queer Identity
"Patrick Dilley's study is valuable because it shows that there is not one single line of development for homosexual men, but rather multiple patterns among males who may see themselves as "gay," "queer," or "normal...."Dilley's research found common patterns ranging from homo-social emotional involvements in fraternity rituals, to anonymous orgasms in restroom trysts.These narratives display the sheer joy of sex that many of the respondents reported, often from a very early age, with other boys or older men. The positively-remembered life experiences reported here are a pronounced corrective to the stereotype of same-sex activities that are presented as tragic exploitation for young men."
-Walter L. Williams, Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies, University of Southern California, and Editor, "International Gay and Lesbian Review
"Patrick Dilley is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. Using historical research and extensive interview data, he argues against the essentialist position taken by most theorists that gay identity development is a linear process. The typological approach he presents as an alternative is intriguing and well documented. As he points out, the men he interviewed were as different from each other as they were from heterosexual men. Dilley convincinglyillustrates how societal norms and historical conditions influence how non-heterosexual men see themselves and how these men in turn attempt to shape society. Dilley writes that "identity is messy." His work, however, brings new clarity to our understanding of its complex nature."
-Nancy J. Evans, Co-editor of "Toward Acceptance: Sexual Orientation Issues on Campus
"His work oofers a unique way to explrore the differences among those men who do not identify as heterosexual and provides new ways to avoid the oftentimes dichotomous thinking of identity."
-Patrick Dilley, "Journal of College Student Development
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