Extrasolar Planets

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Research on extrasolar planets is one of the most exciting fields of activity in astrophysics. In a decade only, a huge step forward has been made from the early speculations on the existence of planets orbiting "other stars" to the first discoveries and to the characterization of extrasolar planets. This breakthrough is the result of a growing interest of a large community of researchers as well as the development of a wide range of new observational techniques and facilities. Based on their lectures given at the 31st Saas-Fee Advanced Course, Andreas Quirrenbach, Tristan Guillot and Pat Cassen have written up up-to-date comprehensive lecture notes on the "Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets", "Physics of Substellar Objects Interiors, Atmospheres, Evolution" and "Protostellar Disks and Planet Formation". This book will serve graduate students, lecturers and scientists entering the field of extrasolar planets as detailed and comprehensive introduction.


Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets:1. Methods of Planet Detection.-2. Planet-Forming Disks.-3. The Currently Known Extrasolar Planets.-4. Radial-Velocity Surveys.-5. Gravitational Microlensing.-6. Planetary Transits and Searches for Light Reflected by Planets.-7. The Effects of Atmospheric turbulence on Astronomical Observations.-8. Introduction to Optical Interferometry.-9. Astrometry with Interferometry.-10. Nulling Interferometry.-11. Appendix
Physics of Substellar Objects Interiors, Atmospheres, Evolution:
1.Introduction.-2.Our Giant Planets as a Basis for the Study of Substellar Objects.-3.Basic Equations, Gravitational Moments and Interior Structures.-4. Equations of State.-5. Opacities and Heat Transport.-6. Interior Structures of our Giant Planets: NJumerical Integrations and Results.-7.Evolution of Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs.-8. Spectra and Atmosphere.-9. Pegasi Planets.
Protostellar Disks and Planet Formation:1. Introduction.-2. Observations of Protostellar Disks.-3. Theory of Disk Structure and Evolution.-4.Dust-Gas Dynamcis.-5. Growth of Planetesimals to Planets.-6. The Formation of Gas Giant Planets.-7. Planet Migration.


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