Membership Has Its Privileges: Group Identity Benefits US Troops

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Juni 2009



The well-known phrase "membership has its privileges," brings to mind the benefits belonging to a select group confer on an individual. On closer consideration, it's clear that some of these benefits are instrumental: the receipt of resources which are actually provided, or at least perceived as available. Others are based on something much less tangible. The latter type of benefits, and the advantages they impart to each of us, are the subject of this book. What changes about someone when they gain entrance to a select group? Why might groups, perceived as high-status, be so alluring to join? What are the benefits to individuals of belonging to such well- regarded groups? We'll explore these questions in the context of examining research I conducted on 210 US combat soldiers deployed to Iraq. The main findings from this research suggest that membership in esteemed groups enhance self-esteem. And belonging to such groups can buffer the detrimental effects of stress, even combat stress. This book will be of interest to anyone curious about the allure and benefits of groups, as well as researchers studying identity, stress, combat, or coping.


Dr. Callahan is shown here with his main sources of joy and identity: daughters Finley and Riley, and his wife Claudia! He and his family live in Fayetteville, NC. Dr. Callahan earned his MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from New York University. He has also served in multiple US Army Infantry and Special Forces units following 9/11/01.
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Untertitel: Membership in well-regarded units enhances soldiers' self-esteem and buffers stress. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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