World Conflicts: A Comprehensive Guide to World Strife Since 1945

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Reviews of the previous edition: "Excellently informative...lucid and convincing. This is a well-constructed and thoroughly useful book." --THE INDEPENDENT (UK) "The origins of each individual war are carefully analysed, and its course equally carefully chronicled."--TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT (UK)


Patrick Brogan has spent over twenty years as a foreign correspondent on assignment for The Times London, the New York Daily News, and The Observer. He has reported on many of the conflicts covered in this book.

Pressestimmen deserves to be in every library. New York Daily News Highly useful for undergraduates, graduate students, and general readers; recommended for undergraduate and public libraries and libraries supporting military studies. CHOICE ... strength of this book is its writing and organization. Brogan has a good understanding of the warring factions and personalities involved and shows a very good grasp of military operations. Religious Studies Review Nowhere else will you find a more accessible and insightful examination of warfare today...This is essential reading... -- Keith Dickson The Journal Of Military History This thick but manageable volume has a lively historical narrative style, making it a joy to read...Patrick Brogan is to be commended on this fine work. It is highly recommended for private, public, college, university, and government reference collections. American Reference Books Annual 'War makes rattling good history,' as Thomas Hardy once wrote; and this book undoubtedly proves his point. World Conflicts is essentially a reference book on war, however, it is one of narrative and not a mere compilation of facts...a highly readable and above all useful work. It can be dipped into at any point for an overall, big picture of each situation and its history. London Financial Times ...this is a very good reference work for any student of the twentieth-century world...Brogan's organization is straightforward and logical. The author's thoughtful essays on modern terrorism and drug wars are noteworthy...Brogan's work is a valuable reference tool. Brogan's wide-ranging and thorough look at the world's instability is a wonderful point of departure for anyone seeking either to begin research on any of these areas, or for anyone who wishes to gain a brief understanding of what has gone on to make so many places in the world so dangerous. Journal of World History
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