The Organization of Attachment Relationships: Maturation, Culture, and Context

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Presents new theory on attachment that broadens its range to ages beyond infancy


1. Introduction Patricia McKinsey Crittenden; Part I. Maternal Sensitivity: 2. Parents and toddlers at play: evidence for separate qualitative functioning of the play and attachment system Karin Grossmann and Klaus Grossmann; 3. Parent-child synchrony of interaction Graziella Maria Fava Vizzielo, Chistina Ferrero and Marina Musico; 4. Maternal sensitivity and attachment in East German and Russian family networks Liselotte Ahnert, Tatyana Meischner and Alfred Schmidt; 5. Behavior problems in Swedish four year olds: the importance of maternal sensitivity and social context Gunilla Bohlin and Berit Hagekull; 6. Attachment strategies in Egyptian school-aged children Anna von der Lippe and Patricia M. Crittenden; 7. Summative chapter: maternal sensitivity Angelika Kartl Claussen and Patricia M. Crittenden; Part II. Context: 8. Attachment in Finnish twins Irma Moilanen, Anne Kunelius, Tiina Tirkonnen, Nathan Szajnberg and Patricia M. Crittenden; 9 Characteristics of attachment behavior in institution-reared children Stanislawa Lis; 10. Attachment in children adopted from Romanian orphanages: two case studies Kim Chisolm; 11. Child development in the context of maternal depression: a view from the intermountain west Douglas M. Teti; 12. Relations among mothers' dispositional representations of parenting Patricia M. Crittenden, Claudia Lange, Angelika Claussen and Mary F. Partridge; 13. Summative chapter: adaptation to varied environments Patricia McKinsey Crittenden and Angelika Hartl Claussen; Part III. Maturation: 14. Stability and change in infant-mother attachment in the second year of life: relations to parenting quality and varying degrees of daycare experience Hellgard Rauh, Ute Ziegenhain, Bernd Muller and Lex Wijnroks; 15. Change and continuity in ambivalent attachment relationships from infancy through adolescence Sydney L. Hans, Victor J. Bernstein and Belinda E. Sims; 16. Attachment models peer interaction behavior, and feelings about the self: indications of maladjustment in dismissing preoccupied (Ds/E) adolescents Katherine Black, Lyz Jaeger, Patricia M. Crittenden and Kathleen McCartney; 17. Attachment representation in adolescence and adulthood: exploring some intergenerational and intercultural issues Isabel Soares, Elisabeth Fremmer-Bombik, Klaus E. Grossmann and M. Carolina Silva; 18. Summative chapters: a dynamic maturational approach to continuity and change in quality of attachment over time Patricia McKinsey Crittenden and Angelika Hartl Claussen; 19. A dynamic-maturational exploration of the meaning of security and adaptation: empirical, cultural, and theoretical considerations Patricia McKinsey Crittenden.


"Refreshingly provacative." --Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry "Crittenden and Claussen have collected some remarkable studies." --Contemporary Psychology, APA REVIEW OF BOOKS 2001 "... Featuring contributions by developmental attachment researchers worldwide, the book is expansive in its scope as well as its depth, drawing from studies as extensive and far reaching as the different cultures from which they originate... A rich compendium of studies, accompanied by apt analyses that may potentially anticipate the direction of attachment studies, The Organization of Attachment Relationships is a work that is invaluable for its thorough examination of what comprises the foundations of the field, and how our perceptions of culture influence the paradigm of attachment theory..." --Dr. Jacqueline A. Carleton's & Emily Ho, European Association for Body Psychotherapy Newsletter
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