Modern Europe, 1789-Present

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April 2003



Now covering the whole of Europe from the French Revolution to the present day, this major new edition has been completely revised and brought up-to-date. The approach embraces the whole continent from both national and regional perspectives, and combines political survey with grass roots 'people' history. Bringing this history vividly to life, the authors use a very broad range of sources including memoirs, archives, letters, songs and newspapers. In particular, there is new treatment of the following themes: Religion and the modern Papacy Immigration in Europe and relationships between minority and majority groups UNESCO The European Bill of Rights The seeds of conflict in Bosnia and Croatia Europe's relations with the wider world, with particular attention to the Middle East and Japan.


1. Revolution and Empire: Experience and Impact, 1789-1815. 2. Order and Movement, 1815-1848. 3. Nation Building, 1848-1878. 4. Rivalry and Interdependence, 1871-1914. 5. Modernity. 6. A European Civil War, 1914-1918. 7. A New Order? 1919-1929. 8. Guns and Butter, 1929-1939. 9. From European to World War, 1933-1945. 10. Freezing and Thawing Postwar Europe, 1945-1969. 11. Reconstructing Europe, 1945-1968. 12. Towards a United Europe, 1968-2002. 13. Post-Modern? Bibliographical. Essay. Index.


Asa Briggs (Lord Briggs of Lewes) was Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex (1967-1976), Provost of Worcester College, Oxford (1976-1991) and Chancellor of the Open University (1978-1995). Patricia Clavin is Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Keele.


'...there is little in this ambitious book that does not deserve praise.' The Times Higher, November 2004
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