Industrial Revolution

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This is an introduction to the Industrial Revolution which offers an integrated account of the economic and social aspects of change during the period. Recent revisionist thinking has implied that fundamental change in economic, social and political life at the time of the Industrial Revolution was minimal or non-existent. The author challenges this interpretation, arguing that the process of revision has gone too far; emphasizing continuity at the expense of change and neglecting many historically unique features of the economy and society. Elements given short shrift in many current interpretations are reassigned their central roles.


Part 1 Writing and rewriting history: perspectives on the industrial revolution; the economy and the state; agriculture and the industrial revolution. Part 2 The industrial revolution: regions and industries; demography and labour; consumption and commerce; class and gender.


Pat Hudson is Professor of Economics and Social History at the University of Liverpool.


'Students will find this volume demanding and challenging, but their perceptions of both the Industrial Revolution controversy and eighteenth- and nineteenth-century social, economic and industrial history will emerge enlightened and their interest in the period stimulated.' Business History 'This is a textbook but one that can be read with profit by both professionals and students...Hudson frequently succeeds in neatly summarizing complex discussions. She brings her surveys of the literature right up-to-date and her knowledge of recent work is impressive...a lively and well-written text.' Economic History Review
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