Women, Art, and Technology

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Oktober 2003



A sourcebook of documentation on women artists at the forefront of work at the intersection of art and technology.


Judy Malloy is an electronic fiction and Internet pioneer. The editor of Authoring Software, a resource for new media writing, she is currently creating From Ireland with Letters, a narrative of Irish American history and identity.


"...A rich source of information about the women and works that have made media arts history--or should." Dene Grigar American Book Review " overlooked chapter about the role of women in the rapidly developing field of new media." Rita Dimasi Arts Hub "...fascinating...multifaceted observations about the symbiotic relationship of media such as modern dance, sound, video, and computer programming." Geary Yelton Electronic Musician "This is a large and ambitious collection." Aaris Sherin Leonardo "This is a phenomenally important volume." Umbrella
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