Statistical Methods in Language and Linguistic Research

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Dezember 2011



Shows how quantitative methods and statistical techniques can supplement qualitative analyses of language. This book presents some mathematical and statistical properties of natural languages, and introduces some of the quantitative methods which are of the most value in working empirically with texts and corpora.


1. Some Basic Issues
2. Scales and Variables
3. Parametric Versus Non-parametric Statistics
4. Reducing Dimensionality: Multivariate Statistics
5. Word Frequency Lists
6. Words in Context
Appendix 1: Standard Normal Distribution
Appendix 2: Examples of Appropriate Statistics
Appendix 3: T-distribution
Appendix 4: F-distribution
Appendix 5: Pearson Product-moment Correlation Coefficient
Appendix 6: U-distribution for a Two-tailed Mann-Whitney Test
Appendix 7: Sign Test
Appendix 8: Chi-square Distribution
Appendix 9: Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient


Pascual Cantos Gomez has been a lecturer in the Department of English Language and Literature at Universidad de Murcia, Spain, since 1990. Prior to this he had spent two years teaching English in a secondary school and the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas of Murcia. His main research interests are in Corpus Linguistics, Quantitative Linguistics, Computational Lexicography and Computer Assisted Language Learning. He is a member of the Linguistica Aplicada a la Computacion, Ensenanza de Lenguas y Lexicografi Research Group at the University of Murcia.
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