Six SIGMA for Transactions and Service

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Many of the Six Sigma methods successfully used in manufacturing are now being utilised in the transactional and service sectorsHowever, business-specific issues such as customer billing, order processing, and call center management require a modified set of problem-solving and analytical tools. This resource addresses those differences and provides a roadmap for implementing "customer-centric" Six Sigma.


Part I. Service Quality benchmarks
Chapter 1: Roles of Services and Transactions in Global and U.S. Economy (Services -- The Key to Future Competitive Advantage)
Chapter 2: Quality in Services and Transactions
Chapter 3: Service Performance Indicators (If It Is Important, It Must Be Measured)
Chapter 4: The Service Crisis
Part II. Transactional Six Sigma
Chapter 5: Introduction
Chapter 6: Define and Develop
Chapter 7: Measure and Trends
Chapter 8: Analyze and Innovate
Chapter 9: Embed
Part III. Designing for Transactional ServicesChapter 10. Axioms of Service Design
Chapter 11: Customer-Driven Transactional Processes
Chapter 12: Designing Transactional Services for Six Sigma
Chapter 13: Design and Optimize Service to Ensure Robust Service Package
Chapter 14: Implementing Six Sigma in Service Organizations
Chapter 15: Six Sigma in Services
Chapter 16: Six Sigma in Outsourcing
Chapter 17: Managing Human CapitalAPPENDIX REFERENCESINDEX


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