Blackwell Dictionary of Easter

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November 2001



Containing over 700 articles, this "Dictionary" allows the reader to explore Eastern Christian civilization with its cultural and religious riches. The articles are written by a team of 50 international contributors, including leading historians, theologians, linguists, philosophers, patrologists, musicians, and scholars of liturgy and iconography.


List of Contributors. Foreword by Rt Revd Kallistos Ware. Preface. This Book and How to Use It. Introduction. Dictionary Entries A--Z. Index.


Ken Parry is Honorary Research Fellow, Macquarie University, Australia. David J. Melling, Manchester Metropolitan University. Dimitri Brady, Manchester Metropolitan University. Sydney H. Griffith, Catholic University of America. John F. Healey, Manchester University.


"It includes almost 700 entries in a manageable volume that provides both a handy basis for study and a readable source for browsing ... Its major success results from the way in which it combines together information about all the churches of the Eastern traditions, and so allows their similarities and differences of thought, practice and history to be discerned ... This is a work that will be of use and interest to both specialist researchers and student readers, and it should be welcomed onto the shelves of both scholars and librarians." Islam and Christian Muslim Relations "All libraries should have this handy volume." International Review of Biblical Studies "There is plenty here to learn and inspire." European Journal of Theology
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