Technology Development of Renewable Energy

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August 2012



The book titled "Technology Development of Renewable Energy" was written for the purpose of new technology development on the field of Renewable Energy. The book consists of Solar Tracking system and hybrid generation of Renewable energy. Fossil fuels are a relatively short-term energy source; consequently, the uses of alternative sources such as solar energy are becoming more wide spread. To make solar energy more viable, the efficiency of solar array systems must be maximized. A feasible approach to maximizing the efficiency of solar array systems is sun tracking. The Hybrid Energy system is an excellent solution for the most areas where the grid extension is difficult & uneconomical. It does not depend on a single type of energy. It is a combination of two or more different type of energy system which strives to give the optimum output by utilizing the available natural resources in the surroundings. This hybrid system may be a combination of Wind, Solar, Biomass, Geo-thermal etc. which are setup in a grid in such a way to compensate each other's limitation and deficiency to give a steady and optimal output.


Mr.Parichay Das (DOB: 5th March, 1989) completed B.Tech from College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat, India in Electrical Engineering. He is currently Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions.He has already published six research papers in International Journal and National Conference proceedings.
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