Handbook for Competitive Volleyball

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The primary focus of this book is to develop an all-around/universal athlete into a specialised athlete. This progression is discussed with references to setting, outside hitting, middle hitting, back-row hitting, serving, outside blocking, middle blocking, defence, coverage, and service reception and will be connected to related service reception, offensive, and defensive formations. Another major focus is to design and practise match systems. Strategies and counter-strategies in serving, service reception, offence, and defence will be dealt with. Special aspects of individual, group, and team tactics will be discussed. In addition, the authors look at the development of counter-strategies to an opposition's match plan and give examples of ways to cover a hitter in certain offensive formations. Furthermore, we will deal with solid ways of developing the most efficient and effective game system that would bring out the strengths of a team, including the use of the libero. The problem faced is that all of these issues are not completely or sufficiently covered in the existing literature. This gap is filled with this book.


Athanasios Papageorgiou was a successful coach in the German men's top league and also the head of the German national team of the disabled in standing volleyball. He is the author of several publications, films and handbooks and has acted as coaching trainer of the International Volleyball Federation since 1993.
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