American Naval History: A Guide

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Includes titles about the last years of the Reagan presidency, George Bush's presidency, and the first two years of Bill Clinton's presidency. The list of periodicals has been expanded and revised considerably. Additionally, the titles now contain useful abbreviations that detail whether the texts include maps, diagrams, illustrations, glossaries, and appendixes.


Paolo E. Coletta (Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia) taught for nearly forty years at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. During his extensive scholarly career, he has published books and articles on many different topics including American history, naval power, and international diplomacy.

Pressestimmen other work provides such extensive coverage of this subject...the book does belong in most academic reference collections. American Reference Books Annual This volume should be the base from which a researcher strikes out...benefit[s] the newcomer to naval history as well as the seasoned veteran. This is clearly a must-buy for all maritime history reference collections. The American Neptune Paolo brings much experience and an extensive research track record in the preparation of such work. Reviewers Consortium
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