Solid Biofuels for Energy

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Fossil fuels are widely used for electricity generation and heating, creating greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic pollutants, which should be minimised according to the most recent environmental legislation. The utilisation of solid fuels with biogenic origin could contribute to the minimisation of these emissions. Solid Biofuels for Energy presents the current status of the engineering disciplines in this specific area, providing an improved background on the energy exploitation options of solid biomass. Within this framework, all thematic priorities related to the solid bioenergy potential and standardisation, commercialised and emerging energy technologies, and quality of solid residues are presented.

Special attention has been given to biomass co-firing with coal, since it has the highest potential for commercial application, while combustion and gasification are more promising for units of medium to small scale. This strong practical focus is evident throughout the book, particularly in discussions of:
. international standards for solid biofuel specifications;
. supply, cost and sustainability of solid biofuels;
. technical issues and non-technical barriers in biomass/coal co-firing; and
. biomass combustion and gasification characteristics.

Solid Biofuels for Energy is an informative reference, written for researchers and postgraduate students working in the field of biomass. It can also be a useful guide for chemical and mechanical engineers, involved in the environment and energy production sectors.


1. Supply of Solid Biofuels: Potential Feedstocks, Cost and Sustainability Issues in EU27.- 2. European Standards for Fuel Specification and Classes of Solid Biofuels.- 3. Biomass-coal Cofiring: An Overview of Technical Issues.- 4. Experiences on Co-firing Solid Recovered Fuels in the Coal Power Sector.- 5. Biomass Combustion Characteristics and Implications for Renewable Energy.- 6. Fluidized Bed Combustion of Solid Biomass for Electricity and/or Heat Generation.- 7. Gasification Technology and its Contribution to Deal with Global Warming.- 8. The Integration of Micro-CHP and Biofuels for Decentralized CHP Applications.- 9. Ash Formation, Slagging and Fouling in Biomass Co-firing in Pulverised-fuel Boilers.- 10. Utilization of Biomass Ashes.


Dr. Panagiotis Grammelis is a senior researcher in the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Institute for Solid Fuels Technology and Applications. His areas of expertise include energy exploitation of non-conventional fuels; clean coal technologies; process energy analysis and operation of test facilities; and efficiency and emitted pollutants of boilers of central heating and industrial installations. In the last decade, he has participated in several research projects and engineering studies for the energy applications on solid fuels, i.e., biomass/waste and coal.


From the reviews: "The book is addressed to all those who want to get an overview of new approaches in solid biomass usage for heat, power, and fuel production. The book Solid Biofuel for Energy-A Lower Greenhouse Gas Alternative is dedicated to advanced students, researchers, and experts from industrial and governmental organizations who are interested in solid biomass usage for energy supply as an alternative to fossil fuels. The book provides a good overview to readers interested in this subject matter." (Michael Flamme, Energy, Sustainability and Society, Vol. 2 (8), 2012)
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