Historical Dictionary of the Inuit

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Profiles the history of the Inuit people from the first inhabitants to the present day society. More than 450 dictionary entries cover issues of society, economy, and politics; influential educators and writers, environmentalists, and politicians; and the many voluntary associations and governmental agencies that have played a role in Inuit history. The introductory essay, chronology, and well-developed bibliography make this an ideal reference source for the researcher or student.


1 Editor's Foreword 2 Acknowledgments 3 A Note on Orthography 4 Acronyms and Special Terms 5 Maps 6 Chronology 7 Introduction 8 The Dictionary 9 Appendix A: Dates and Locations of Inuit Circumpolar Conference Meetings 10 Appendix B: Inuit Circumpolar Conference Leaders 11 Appendix C: Website Addresses for Inuit and Arctic Organizations 12 Bibliography 13 About the Author


Pamela R. Stern is an assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Stern's research among Inuit began in 1982 when she was a participant in the Harvard Adolescence Project directed by John and Beatrice B. Whiting. Her subsequent arctic research has concerned life course transitions, parenting, intelligence, women's health, romantic passion, spouse exchange, wage work, economic development, and citizenship. Dr. Stern's scholarly writings are published in American Anthropologist, Anthropologica, Cultural Survival Quarterly, Ethos, Etudes/Inuit/Studies, and Terrain. She has served as a reviewer for the journals Arctic, Arctic Anthropology, and Etudes/Inuit/Studies, and has been a guest editor of Arctic Anthropology. She is the co-editor with Lisa Stevenson of the forthcoming Critical Inuit Studies.


Unique...a significant addition to the literature. Recommended. General and academic collections. CHOICE For those interested in studying the Inuit - in learning more about their history, their culture, and their contemporary people, lives, and issues - this is the basic reference that should be in their library...Of particular importance in a reference of this kind, is the experience and scholarship of the author. The reputation of the author, a recognized scholar in the field, brings credibility to the work. American Reference Books Annual ...examines the history of the Inuit, their differences and similarities in history, contact with other cultures, language, perceptions of sovereignty, and attitudes about their own ethnic and cultural identity. The dictionary section includes people, terms, organizations, and projects associated with Inuit culture and history. Reference and Research Book News
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