Dirt: Filth and Decay in a New World Arcadia

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April 2006



Drawing on extensive research, this social and cultural history explores how colonial settlers approached the problems of dirt, filth, disease, and decay in New Zealand during the 19th century, and the roles that health professionals and local authorities played in the protection of public health.


Introduction; 1 Health and Habitat: Relationships between nature, settlement, dirt and health; 2 Margins, Miasma and Mud: Reducing the plasticity, marginality and putrefaction of settlement; 3 Guarding Bodily Boundaries: The city-body, poisons and pollution; 4 Disembodied Dirt: Dealing with excrement, seepage and the city as wilful sloven; 5 Public Bodies, Public Dirt: Corporeality and municipality - public baths, public toilets and workers with waste; 6 Sanitarian Surveillance: Inspecting Nuisances: Physical and moral pollution, and the interpretation of sanitary regulations; 7 Sanitarian Surveillance: The Revealing Gaze: Professional men, practical men and sanitary reports; 8 Revealing the Slum: Intersections of dirt, dwelling and depravity; 9: Bodies in Disorder and Decay; The hospital, the sick and the dead as sites of dirt; Conclusion; Bibliography
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