The Structure of Global Capitalism. Volume 2. The Stakeholder/Shareholder Relationship and Corporate Governance from the viewpoint of Anthony Giddens' Structuration Theory

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November 2008



Since the 1990's, Stakeholder-Shareholder Value and Corporate Governance can be counted as being amongst the core economic phrases of global capitalism. However, their meaning from a financial-sociological perspective remains largely unexplored.To a backdrop of structural transformation in global capitalism, Pal Dragos investigates the cooperation of these terms, not only from an economical, but also from a social perspective. He warns of the dangers of a one-sided rationalistic view of the world economy.The methodical basis of this investigation is based on Anthony Giddens' Structuration theory, not only used by the author, but placed under scrutiny with regard to its terms. Amongst others, the works of authors as varied as T. W. Adorno, H. Arendt and the "financial genius" G. Soros are considered.In the context of this subject matter, central issues such as terrorism, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism or the threatening avian flu pandemic are put into an entirely different light. Pal Dragos (Dr./Med. Univ. Budapest, M.A., Dipl. Soz., Dr. phil., MBA(Wales)) works in Munich in the Wachstumstrend Research Institute and Publishers Ltd within the framework of the international and interdisciplinary structuration research.


Pal Dragos (Dr./Med. Univ. Budapest, M.A., Dipl. Soz., Dr. phil., MBA (Wales)) arbeitet im Wachstumstrend Forschungsinstitut und Verlags-GmbH im Rahmen der international und interdisziplinär ausgerichteten Strukturationsforschung in München.Weitere Informationen und Leseproben unter
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