Handbook of Essential Tremor and Other Tremor Disorders

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April 2005



Filling a gap in the literature, this reference offers 25 authoritative chapters on the epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and medical and surgical treatment of essential tremor and various tremor disorders, including chapters on Parkinsonian, cerebellar, neuropathic, post-traumatic, psychogenic, and drug-induced tremor. Reporting on the latest findings and research in the field, this guide discusses specific tremor disorders along with the various therapeutic regimens used to treat each of them. The authors supply up-to-date information on the etiology and pathogenesis of tumor, as well as state-of-the-art methods of identification and management of essential tremor and tremor disorders.


Essential Tremor. The History of Essential Tremor. Epidemiology and Etiology of Essential Tremor. Pathophysiology of Essential Tremor. Animal Models of Essential Tremor. Neuropathology and Neurochemistry of Essential Tremor. Differential Diagnosis and Clinical Characteristics of Essential Tremor. Clinical Assessments of Essential Tremor. Impact of Essential Tremor and Its Medical and Surgical Treatment on Neuropsychological Functioning, and Quality of Life. Neuroimaging of Essential Tremor. Medical Treatment of Essential Tremor. Surgical Treatment of Essential Tremor. Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Alternative Therapies for Essential Tremor. Parkinsonian Tremor. Dystonic Tremor. Cerebellar Tremor. Holmes Tremor. Orthostatic Tremor. Task-Specific Tremor. Neuropathic Tremor. Posttraumatic Tremor. Infectious Tremor. Intracranial Lesions and Tremor. Drug- and Toxin-Induced Tremor. Physiological Tremor. Psychogenic Tremor
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