Medicine: Preserving the Passion in the 21st Century

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November 2003



Since 1987 this book has helped and inspired physicians at all stages of their careers to get the most out of their professional and personal lives. Phil R. Manning and Lois DeBakey are pre-eminent medical educators, who seek, in their own work and through this book, to redirect the focus of continuing medical education from the classroom to more creative methods. Their approach is based on the physician's specific clinical practice, thus making continuing medical education more likely to improve patient care. Manning and DeBakey have completely revised and updated this second edition to reflect significant changes in how master physicians use information technology to keep abreast of exploding new medical information. This edition also addresses how professionals are coping with changes in the practice of medicine effected by managed care. All -new Reflections and Personal Essays from some of the most important names in medicine provide perspicacity, wisdom, and above all practical insight into the many facets of medical practice. Through the eyes of these celebrated figures, readers will find ways of making their work both more effective and more enjoyable. This one-of-a-kind book will fascinate physicians, residents, and medical students seeking to preserve and enhance their passion for medicine.


* Preface
* Acknowledgements
* Photographs
* Introduction
* Enjoying the Struggle
* Reading: Keeping Current
* Evidence-Based Medicine
* Medical Information Technology: An Instrument for Learning
* The Medical Library
* The Collegial Network
* Learning from Formal Consultations
* Formal Courses and Conferences
* Learning by Teaching
* Analysis of Practice
* Social, Ethical, and Economic Problems in Medicine
* The Doctor-Patient Relationship, Physical Examination, and New Procedures
* 'Medical Errors' and Other Problems in Practice Unrelated to Medical Knowledge
* Organized Medicine and Life Long Learning
* Women Physicians
* Professionalism
* Afterword
* Interviewees and Correspondents
* Index


In Praise of the Second Edition:
"It is always a challenging task to improve on a superb work. Yet this is what these two masters of medical education and literacy have achieved by thoughtful revision of original text and the addition of two highly pertinent chapters. Manning is an acknowledged pioneer in innovative medical education, while DeBakey has been epitomized as the doyenne of literacy in American medicine." (Robert H. Moser, MD, MACP Executive Vice President, Emeritus American College of Physicians)
"Lifelong learning to enhance patient care should be a primary goal for physicians. This... .is the prescription for just that [and] should be required reading for any physician dedicated to their profession." (Steven J. Phillips, MD President, American Society for Artificial Internal Organs)
"[T]he authors, along with prominent physiciansÆ personal essays, capture the enduring and rewarding values of our profession. The numerous approaches to a successful and rewarding professional life in medicine are masterfully discussed by the authors." (Robert J. Joynt, MD, PhD Distinguished University Professor, Professor of Neurology, University of Rochester Medical Center)
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