Wittgenstein: Meaning and Mind

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Januar 1991



This third volume on the commentary on Wittgenstein's "Philosophical Investigations" covers sections 243-427, which constitute the heart of the book. This volume consists of philosophical essays and exegesis, and aims to cover all the major themes of this part of the book.


Acknowledgements. Preface. Abbreviations. Analytical Commentary. Part I: The Private Language (SS 243-315): Introduction. The Private Language Arguments. Privacy. Private Ostensive Definition. Men, Minds and Machines. Avowals and Descriptions. Behaviour and Behaviouralism. The Inner and the outer. Part II: Thought (SS 316-62): Introduction. Thinking: methodological muddles and categorial confusions. Thinking: the soul of language. Part III: Imagination (SS 363-97): . Introduction. Images and Imagination. Part IV: The Self and Self-Reference (SS 398-411): Introduction. I and my self. Part V: Consciousness (SS 411-27): Introduction. The World of Consciousness. Criteria. Index.


P. M. S. Hacker is a Fellow of St. John's College Oxford. He is author of Insight and Illusion and Appearance and Reality (Blackwell, 1987). He edited The Renaissance of Gravure: the Art of S. W. Hayter. He has written a number of books with G. P. Baker: Wittgenstein: Understanding and Meaning (Blackwell, 1980), Wittgenstein: Rules, Grammar and Necessity (Blackwell, 1985), Language, Sense and Nonsense (Blackwell, 1984) and Scepticism, Rules and Language (Blackwell, 1984).


On Volume 1 of An Analytical Commentary on the Philosophical Investigations:"Baker and Hacker skilfully conduct the reader through the tangles of controversy that surround the topics of sense and Meaning. They have an admirable grasp of the whole corpus of Wittgenstein's writings, and they constantly display the sharp contrasts between Wittgenstein's thought and currently influential 'scientific' semantics." Norman Malcolm, Times Literacy Supplement "For someone who wants to understand, point for point and in detail, how Wittgenstein's later philosophy upsets the philosophies of Russell, Frege and the Tractatus, this is the book to read." Philosophical Books On Volume 2: "The authors showed in the first volume that they had in fukll measure the combination of scholarship and philosophical excellence neede to expound and illuminate the intracies of the text. That combination is apparent on every page of the present work." B. Rundle, Philosophical Investigations
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