Countering Design Exclusion

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September 2003



Inclusive design, universal design and universal access are long standing, familiar terms with clear and laudable goals. However, their teaching and industrial uptake has been very limited. Many products still exclude users unnecessarily for reasons ranging from corporate insensitivity and the size of the market for inclusive products to the individual designer's inability to design them. This pragmatic approach to making inclusive design desirable to industry addresses these issues and discusses why existing methods have failed to be assimilated into industry. Through the use of case studies and examples, Countering Design Exclusion introduces the mind-set necessary to think through the challenges raised by inclusive design and to adapt their solutions to the needs of particular companies. The practical outlook will appeal to anyone who wishes to take account of the largest possible part of the population in their designs.


1: Introduction.- 2: Why the interest in inclusive design?.- 3: Inclusive design in industry.- 4: Understanding inclusive design.- 5: Understanding design exclusion.- 6: Knowledge transfer in inclusive design.- 7: Knowing the user.- 8: Functional impairments.- 9: Assessment of design exclusion.- 10: Quantifying design exclusion.- 11: Countering design exclusion.- 12: Applying the 7-level approach.- 13: Minimising design exclusion.- Appendix: User information.- Glossary and index.
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