The Global Challenge for Multinational Enterprises: Managing Increasing Interdependence

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Governments and multinational firms have moved from a situation of conflict to one where government policies were seen as a constraint on the activities of MNE's. This book examines the relationship between multinational firms and emerging markets, a relationship which changed profoundly in the period from the 1950's to the late 1990's.


Series Editor's Preface. Introduction and Statement of the Issues (P.J. Buckley, P.N. Ghauri). The Changed Relationship. Foreign investment and the growth of the firm (E.T. Penrose). The multinational corporation and the law of uneven development (S.H. Hymer). Sovereignty at bay: ten years after (R. Vernon). Re-evaluating the benefits of foreign direct investment (J.H. Dunning). Does third world growth hurt first world prosperity (P. Krugman). Northern Multinationals in the South. The role of direct foreign investment in developing east Asian countries (H. Hill, B. Johns). Multinational enterprises in less developed countries: cultural and economic interactions (P.J. Buckley, M. Casson). Vietnam and China: foreign direct investment parallels (N.J. Freeman). The restructuring of the Indian automobile industry: Indian state and Japanese capital (A.P. D'Costa). Southern Multinational Firms and Technology Transfer from The South. Direct investment by firms from less developed countries (D. Lecraw). Exports of technology by India: recent evidence (S.Lall). The Confucius connection: from cultural roots to economic growth (G. Hofstede, M. Bond). The strategy of Pacific Asian multinationals (P.J. Buckley, H. Mirza). Relations between Multinational Enterprises and Host Nation Governments. Going beyond clones in Brazil and Korea: a corporative analysis of NIC strategies in the computer industry (P.B. Evans, P. Bastos Tigre). TNE's in the Third World: stability or discontinuity? (R. Kaplinsky). The growing interdependence between transnational corporations and governments (J.M. Stopford). The globalisation challenge: surviving at the margins (J.H. Mittelman). Managing in Emerging Countries: The Current Picture. Privatization: trends and prospects in less developed countries (P. Cook, C. Kirkpatrick). Management in China (J. Child).
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